08 Jan 2014
January 8, 2014

The Appraiser’s Notebook – January 2014

January 8, 2014

I am thinking of a New Yorker magazine cartoon from some years ago.  It featured an elderly man being served something by the butler.  He is looking at it on his plate with a bit of disgust.  The caption was, “I say it’s spinach and I say, ‘To hell with it.’”

I am feeling that way about the new year and trying to make some resolutions.

Should I start lying about the quality of the items I see on a regular basis when I am appraising – just to keep the client happy?

Should I underestimate valuations so that the estate pays less to the IRS?

Should I charge someone for an appraisal when all they need is a walk-through valuation?

Should I not make clients sign a disclaimer on the above when I am only providing a verbal estimate of value?

Should I take a case where the client wants me to low-ball the valuations so that other heirs are not cognizant of the value of the estate?

Should I put any credence in the comments of one heir over that of another?

Should I work with moving companies who don’t want to pay me for the work I do?

Should I work for the relocated individuals who want me to write a report that gives them a value on items that clearly were damaged before the move?

Should I believe family history when there is no clear, written history of provenance?



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Beth A. Kinstler, ISA-CAPP is a certified member of the International Society of Appraisers and the president of Avalon Appraisals and Estate Sales. She may be reached at 912-238-1211 or 912-659-2900.