As seen in Business in Savannah. An icon of American antique scholarship passed away on Nov. 14. Wendell Garrett, long known for his appearances on The Antiques Roadshow, died in Vermont at the age of 83. I had the privilege and honor of first meeting Wendell when I attended the Tuscaloosa Antiques Symposium several years.. read more →

As Seen in Business in Savannah “I don’t want to give it away.” If I have heard it once, I have heard it a thousand times. Well, here is the bad news. You may have to. And here is the good news. You may not have to, either. How can that be? It all depends.. read more →

Brushing by Greatness

October 16, 2012

As Seen in Business in Savannah “So,” I said to my cousin Amy about 35 years ago, “did you see a grey-headed woman with a cape and a cane?” My cousin was working as an intern at the Museum of Natural History in New York at the time. “Oh, her,” she said. “Sure, I see.. read more →

Appraisals should be contracted and paid for There is an interesting and ongoing commentary on the Appraiser site on LinkedIn regarding charging for appraisals, and it makes me feel a lot like an earthling who has learned that there are others out there. I am not alone. Other appraisers, I am finding, are running into,.. read more →

The Appraiser’s Notebook: The Catch 22 of Estate Sales It’s the kind of classic Catch-22 that only Norman Mailer or his protagonist, Yossarian, could love. I thought about this after reading an article concerning a fight between the heirs of Ileana Sonnabend, a successful New York art dealer who died in 2007 and the Internal.. read more →