By Beth Kinstler  Last month I discussed the etiquette of estate sales from the buying side, i.e., how a buyer at an estate should conduct herself at the sale.  This month I discuss what to do if you are contemplating a sale run by a professional estate liquidator (EL). First, do nothing!  “Huh?” you say. .. read more →

By Beth Kinstler  In my last article for BIS I discussed proper estate sale etiquette for buyers attending the sale.  In this article, I shall discuss the proper method of hiring an estate sale liquidator, appropriate compensation for liquidation, the expectations of both sides, and tools you will need to approach your liquidation from an.. read more →

By Beth Kinstler  Harris Nathan probably still has my sculpting equipment.  If so, he’s been dragging it around with him for about twenty-five years. Occasionally I will see him in the supermarket or out and about, but he stopped asking me when I was going to pick it up about ten years ago. I was.. read more →

As seen in Business in Savannah. A new year means New Year’s resolutions. So, other than the usual vows to hit the gym, lose weight, think before I speak, be a kinder and gentler human being and all those others that I and you quickly forget after the bonhomie of the holidays, I thought I.. read more →

As seen in Business in Savannah. OK, I have to confess. I have a thing for heavy equipment and machinery. I’m talking about things like freight trains, large trucks, cranes, backhoes and tractors. In my younger days I liked to wave at trucks flying by on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway as I stood in the park.. read more →