Last month I gave a brief overview of the two-day symposium I attended that was sponsored by the Foundation for Appraisal Education and hosted by the Quinn and Farmer Auction Group in Leesburg, VA. This month I wanted to focus on the talk given by Alan Fausel, MA, FRICS, VP and Director of Fine Arts.. read more →

About this time a week ago (another hot and sunny Sunday afternoon) I was decompressing after a nine-hour trip from Leesburg, Virginia back to Savannah.  My trip killed three birds with one stone.  It was a two-day symposium to enhance my knowledge of appraisal issues, earn a substantial amount of credits for re-certification, and an.. read more →

 It was the 1960s, it was the middle of the “Go-Go” years, and it was a trip into the “city”, commonly known as Manhattan. I was a teenager and enthralled with modern art, possibly because my high school art teacher, whose name now escapes me, had told my mother that I had “surprising talent.”  (Sidebar: .. read more →

Well, it’s hurricane season again and just like you, I am not prepared.  I thought about this as I began culling my personal effects in an attempt to simplify my life.  I’ll bet that just like me, when you open a seldom-used drawer or closet you are as surprised as I was to see what.. read more →

By Beth Kinstler  This month I promised that I would again take up a discussion of my forays into the art world – not as a critic or an appraiser but as an artist. I had previously mentioned my attempts at clay art – hand building, wheel building, and raku, and how it gave me.. read more →