It’s a sad situation…especially for those of us who like tradition…as in traditional values regarding furniture of the last couple of hundred years. Yes, hard to believe, but those mid-range pieces are not faring well price-wise. Listen to my colleague, Todd Sigedy, who spends much more time at this than I do. He reports: The.. read more →

Last week I examined a painting for a client whose interest was more in selling it than keeping it and having it appraised. If it is what she and I think it is, it might net her a hefty chunk of change. In making inquiries of the better auction houses, I came across the consignment.. read more →

I am thinking of a New Yorker magazine cartoon from some years ago.  It featured an elderly man being served something by the butler.  He is looking at it on his plate with a bit of disgust.  The caption was, “I say it’s spinach and I say, ‘To hell with it.’” I am feeling that.. read more →

What is going through my mind is “It was the worst of times and the best of times…” with apologies to Charles Dickens. I was having that thought as I sat wedged between a train window and a rather corpulent woman on our way north….me to New York City, and she to wherever (and I.. read more →

For reasons I do not understand, I find myself falling asleep around 9 pm and waking up around 2 am.  I have a case of ennui and because of it I cannot seem to read the Sunday New York Times that are piling up on my bed like Big Apple snowdrifts.  But I CAN seem.. read more →